Erdélyi Kárpát-Egyesület

A világból annyi a miénk, amennyit látunk belőle.
-dr. Herrmann Antal-
Románia legnagyobb turistaszervezete


The Erdélyi Kárpát-Egyesület (EKE – Transylvanian Carpathian Association) was founded in 1891 in Kolozsvár/Cluj.

The founding assembly of the association was held on January 11 in the large hall of the town hall, but the association started its activity according to the statute on May 12, 1891, hence this may be considered the birthday of EKE.

After its founding, EKE had 34 departments and divisions with more than six thousand members.

After the Second World War, EKE continued to operate under the name of Erdélyi Népi Kárpát-Egyesület (ENKE –Transylvanian People’s Carpathian Association), and after having been nationalized, it was merged into the Országos Turisztikai Hivatal (National Tourist Office).

EKE was reconstituted in 1991, the ceremonial inaugural assembly took place in Gyergyószárhegy/Lăzarea, Harghita county between May 11–13, 1991.

Currently, EKE is one of the largest civil organizations in Transylvania with 18 member organizations and nearly 1,800 members and the largest tourist association in Romania.

Every weekend, hundreds of EKE members walk in nature, discover the wonderful sights and ethnographic regions of Transylvania, and introduce them to the next generations.

The three paramount objectives set by the Transylvanian Carpathian Association are: nature walks, knowledge about our own country and environmental protection – and we will act in this spirit as long as there are mountains and Hungarian nature lovers in Transylvania.